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Hae Rahn Bae  (Bae KR) 1 Article
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Febrile Seizure-induced Neuroexcitability in Immature Rat Hipocampus
Bong Keun Choi, Kyu Geun Hwang, Hae Rahn Bae
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(9):992-1001.   Published online September 15, 2004
Purpose : To determine whether febrile seizure enhances neuroexcitability by altering synaptic transmission and whether febrile seizure-induced hyperexcitability leads to long-lasting neuronal death. Methods : We investigated the expression of synaptic and postsynaptic proteins and the apoptosis of neuronal cells in rat pup hippocampus after hyperthermic seizure using immunoblotting and confocal microscopy. Results : Hyperthermic seizure enhanced the long-term expressions of...
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