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Clin Exp Pediatr reviews all received materials. Manuscripts are sent to the two more relevant investigators, for reviews of the contents. The acceptance criteria for all papers are based on the quality and originality of the research and its clinical and scientific significance. An initial decision will normally be made within 2 weeks after the agreement of review by the reviewers, and the reviewers’ comments will then be sent to the corresponding authors. Revised manuscripts must be submitted online by the corresponding author. Failure to resubmit the revised manuscript within due date of the editorial decision is regarded as a withdrawal. The editorial office should be notified if additional time is needed or if an author chooses not to submit a revision. The editorial committee makes decisions concerning editing, revision, and acceptance or rejection, and editing may include shortening an article, reducing the number of illustrations or tables, or changing the paper's format or the order of the manuscript. The editor selects referees results of the review will be classified as follows:
  • Accepted: The manuscript will be forwarded to the publisher without further corrections.
  • Minor revisions: The author should address the comments from the reviewers, which will be confirmed by the reviewers.
  • Major revisions: The author should address the comments from the reviewers and make the appropriate corrections for review by the two or more reviewers.
  • Rejection: When one out of the three reviewers rejects the manuscript, the final decision is made by the editorial committee.
  • Consultation: Review of the manuscript will be done through consultation to subcommittees and subspecialties.
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