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The transfer of copyright from author to Clin Exp Pediatr must be clearly stated in writing to enable the Clin Exp Pediatr to assure maximum dissemination of the author’s work. Therefore, the following agreement, executed and signed by the author, is required with each manuscript submission. (If the article is a “work made for hire” it must be signed by the employer.)

The article entitled ______________________________________________________

is herewith submitted for publication in ______________________________________________________

In signing this Agreement:

  • 1. You hereby warrant that this Article is an original work, has not been published before and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in its final form either in printed or electronic form;
  • 2. You hereby warrant that you have obtained permission from the copyright holder to reproduce in the Article (in all media including print and electronic form) material not owned by you, and that you have acknowledged the source;
  • 3. You hereby warrant that this Article contains no violation of any existing copyright or other third party right or any material of an obscene, indecent, libellous or otherwise unlawful nature and that to the best of your knowledge this Article does not infringe the rights of others;
  • 4. You hereby warrant that in the case of a multi-authored Article you have obtained, in writing, authorization to enter into this Agreement on their behalf and that all co-authors have read and agreed the terms of this Agreement;
  • 5. You warrant that any formula or dosage given is accurate and will not if properly followed injure any person;
  • 6. You will indemnify and keep indemnified the Editors, Clin Exp Pediatr against all claims and expenses (including legal costs and expenses) arising from any breach of this warranty and the other warranties on your behalf in this Agreement.

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