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Coronavirus disease 2019 and mRNA vaccines: what’s next – miRNA?
Joon Kee Lee, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2022;65(6):302-303.   Published online March 28, 2022
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small single-stranded noncoding RNA molecules that function in RNA silencing and the posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression. The potential role of miRNAs as biomarkers of myocarditis is promising, and miRNAs are expected to be utilized in various clinical fields in the future.
Original Article
Effect of GnRH analogue on the bone mineral density of precocious or early pubertal girls
Jeong Sook Lim, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2009;52(12):1370-1376.   Published online December 15, 2009
Purpose : Treatment of precocity with gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue (GnRHa) might theoretically exert a detrimental effect on the bone mass during pubertal development. We investigated the short-term changes in bone mineral density (BMD) during GnRHa treatment and the enhancement in the changes with the co-administration of GnRHa and human growth hormone (hGH). Methods : Forty girls with precocious or...
Case Report
Atypical presentation of Kawasaki disease resembling a retropharyngeal abscess
Eu Jin Kim, Young Su Lim, Ji Eun Yoon, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2009;52(2):251-255.   Published online February 15, 2009
Kawasaki disease is an acute systemic inflammatory disorder, the etiology of which has not yet been established. The clinical manifestations are non-specific and are common to many pediatric infectious and immunologic diseases. In 2 cases presenting fever, cervical lymphadenopathy, and retropharyngeal abscess-like lesions on the neck shown in a computerized tomography (CT) scan, the diagnosis of Kawasaki disease was delayed....
Original Article
Effects of soy-based formula on infants` growth and blood laboratory values spanning 3 years after birth
Ji Eun Yoon, Mi-Jung Kim, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2009;52(1):28-35.   Published online January 15, 2009
Purpose : We compared body growth, blood cell counts, and chemistry among infants receiving soy-based formula (SF), breast milk (BM), and casein-based formula (CF). Methods : Full-term neonates delivered at our hospital from June 2001 to August 2003 were recruited and divided into 3 feeding groups (BM=20, SF=19, CF=12) according to the parents wishes. Breast feeding or artificial formulae were...
Growth promoting effect of combined gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue and growth hormone therapy in early pubertal girls with predicted low adult heights
Eun-Jeong Hong, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2007;50(7):678-685.   Published online July 15, 2007
Purpose : Recent reports pointed out that gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue (GnRHa) therapy alone is not so promising for improving adult height in precocious puberty. So, that we studied the growth promoting effect of combined therapy with GnRHa and growth hormone (GH) in early pubertal girls. Methods : Twenty three early pubertal girls (9.73?.59 yr) with predicted adult heights (PAH) below...
Growth promoting effect of short-term gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist with or without growth hormone in girls with early puberty
Eun-Ju Lee, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2007;50(2):198-204.   Published online February 15, 2007
Purpose : The hope that arresting pubertal developement might increase final adult height has led to an attempt to use GnRH agonist (GnRHa) in children with early puberty and poor growth prognosis. We investigated the growth-promoting effect of GnRH agonists with or without growth hormone (GH) in girls with early puberty and decreased predicted adult height (PAH). Methods : Thirty five...
Umbilical venous line-related pleural and pericardial effusion causing cardiac tamponade in a premature neonate : A case report
Eun Jeong Hong, Kyung A Lee, Il-Heon Bae, Mi-Jung Kim, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2006;49(6):686-690.   Published online June 15, 2006
Cardiac tamponade with pleural and pericardial effusion is a rare but life-threatening complication of umbilical venous catheterization in the newborn. It requires a timely diagnosis and urgent treatment, such as pericardiocentesis, to save lives of affected patients. Recently, we experienced a 7 day-old, very low birth weight infant, who developed a cardiac tamponade with pleural and pericardial effusions complicated by...
Effect of GnRH analogue on predicted adult height in girls with early puberty
Byung-Hoon Ahn, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2006;49(5):552-557.   Published online May 15, 2006
Purpose : The recent results observed in precocious puberty and the hope that interrupting puberty might increase adult height have led to an attempt to use GnRH agonist(GnRHa) in children with premature puberty and a poor growth prognosis. We aimed to analyze the growth promoting effect of GnRHa in girls with early puberty and low predicted adult height(PAH). Methods : Thirty...
Clinical Characteristics in Patients with Kawasaki Disease Who Received Intravenous Gamma-globulin Retreatment
Deok-Soo Kim, Yoon-Soo Hahn, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2002;45(11):1411-1416.   Published online November 15, 2002
Purpose : Although the use of intravenous gamma-globulin(IVGG) in Kawasaki disease(KD) is effective in reducing clinical symptoms and coronary artery complications, 20-30% of patients have persistent or recrudescent fever and ongoing clinical symptoms. In these patients, the additional infusion of IVGG is considered. The authors studied the characteristics of patients who received IVGG retreatment, and compared them with the patients...
Changes of Peripheral IFN-γ-Producing CD4(+) and CD4(-) Cell Frequencies in Kawasaki Disease
Joung-Min Eom, Heon-Seok Han, Youn-Soo Hahn
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2000;43(10):1350-1355.   Published online October 15, 2000
Purpose : This study was performed to analyze the frequencies of peripheral IFN-γ-producing cells at the single cell level, and to determine concentrations of circulating interferon-γ(IFN-γ) in the acute and subacute phases of Kawasaki disease(KD). Methods : Ten patients with KD were studied and seven healthy children were selected as control subjects. Using immunofluorescent detection of intracellular IFN-γ in CD4(+) and...
Effect of Hypoxia on Antegrade and Retrograde Atrioventricular Conduction in Isolated Perfused Rabbit Heart
Heon-Seok Han, Young Jun Song, Miran Kang
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2000;43(9):1213-1223.   Published online September 15, 2000
Purpose : Cyanotic congenital heart diseases patients are in a state of hypoxia since birth. In general, hypoxia delays atrioventricular conduction. The atrioventricular node in such a hypoxic condition would have a different function, and some possibility for arrhythmia. The authors studied atrioventricular nodal function during hypoxia to elucidate the relationship between hypoxia and arrhythmia, including atrioventricular node in terms...
Age-Related Criteria for Signal-Averaged Electrocardiographic Late Potentials in Children
Heon-Seok Han, Ki-Moon Cha
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1999;42(5):679-685.   Published online May 15, 1999
Purpose : Ventricular late potentials have been shown to predict malignant ventricular arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death in patients with myocardial infarction and cardiomyopathy. Low amplitude and high frequency potentials at the end of the QRS complex can be detected on the body surface using signal-averaged electrocardiogram(SAECG). This study determines the age-related criteria of SAECG parameters and age-related differences. Methods :...
Medical Lecture Course
Evolving Concepts in Anatomy and Physiology of Atrioventricular Junction
Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(6):739-746.   Published online June 15, 1997
Original Article
Nonoperative Treatment of PDA Using the Duct-OccludⓇ
Dong Woon Shin, Kyung Hee Lee, Heon-Seok Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(5):635-640.   Published online May 15, 1997
Purpose : Among the several transcatheter devices of PDA occlusion, Rashikind device was the most extensively experienced, but it had risk of occluder embolism and incomplete occlusion of PDA, approximately 27%. The authors used Duct-OccludⓇ, made of 0.028 inch stainless steel coil. The coil is double cone-shape in released state, and used in streched condition through 4F implantation catheter for...
A Study on Clinical Application of Harada's Scoring Method to Kawasaki Disease - Suggesting the revision of the criteria for IVGG treatment of KD in Korea -
Byoung Kil Han, Hyong Shin Lee, Hong Ryang Kil, Heon-Seok Han, Jae Ho Lee, Young Hun Chung
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(4):539-548.   Published online April 15, 1997
Purpose : We performed a study on clinical benefits of Harada's scoring method, problems of present criteria and requirement of the revision of that criteria for intrvenos γ-globulin(IVGG) treatment of Kawasaki disease(KD) in Korea. Methods : The patients of 104 cases who visited to Department of Pediatrics of Chungnam National University Hospital and diagnosed as KD were objective group. We classified the...
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