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Relationship between Complications of Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Titers of Cold Agglutinin and Mycoplasma Antibody in Children
Sung Soo Rim, Myung Hyun Cho, Byung Min Moon, Kyoung Sim Kim, Kibok Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1996;39(12):1680-1689.   Published online December 15, 1996
Purpose : To assess the relationship between the complications of mycoplasma pneumonia and titers of cold agglutinin and mycoplasma antibody in children. Methods : 120 cases of mycoplasmal pneumonia in children who were admitted to the Pediatric Department of Kwangju Christian Hospital between June 1993 and May 1994 were analyzed. Results : 1) The peak incidence of age was between 2 and...
Study on Platelet Countsand Indices in Neonates
Kyoung Hee Choi, Sung Soo Rim, Byung Min Moon, Ki Bok Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1996;39(3):338-345.   Published online March 15, 1996
Purpose : The platelet number alone does not give a complete picture of platelet maturity and function, therefore, the platelet indices have been the subject of intensive study in recent years, but they have not been firmly established in the neonates. Methods : Blood samples collected in K2 EDTA bottle from femoral vein of 176 neonates (54 healthy fullterm, 96...
Clinical Study on 44 Cases of Infant Born to Polyhydramniotic Mother
Byung Min Moon, Chun Ho Cho, Kyoung Sim Kim, Ki Bok Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1992;35(5):630-638.   Published online May 15, 1992
Forty four cases of Polyhydramnios were studied clinically among 13,337 newborn infants delivered in Kwangiu Christian Hospital during the period from April 1, 1986 through March 31, 1990. 1) The incidence of polyhydramnios was 0.33%. 2) The mean gestational age was 37.2 week, and 18 cases(40.8%)were premature, while 3 babies (6.8%) were born postmaturely. 3) The mean birth weight was 2.3kg, with 30...
A clinical study on goiter in childhood.
Yeong Hee Chung, Byung Min Moon, Kyoung Sim Kim, Ki Bok Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1991;34(1):83-94.   Published online January 31, 1991
A clinical study was done on 96 cases of goiter in children which were diagnosed at pediatric department of Kwangju Christian Hospital during the period form January 1985 to December 1988. The observed clinical data were summarized as follows: 1) Preponderately femalels were affected with the sex ratio of 1:6.7. The majority of cases (78.2%) were around puberty. 2) On physical examination, 59 cases (85.5%) were found...
A Case of Hypohydrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia.
Chun Oh Lee, Byung Min Moon, Young Wook Kim, Ki Bok Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1990;33(12):1718-1722.   Published online December 31, 1990
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is a group of disorders characterized characterized by faulty development of ectodermal structures including the skin, teeth, skin appendages, resulting in hypohi- drosis, hypotrichosis, and abnormal dentition. Here, we report a case of typical hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia in a 16-month-old male who had unexplained recurring fever, hypohidrosis, hypotrichosis, anodontia, and characteristic facial features.
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