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Original Article
Cerebral palsy, Periventricular echodensity, Cyst, Intraventricular hemorrhage
Kyeung Ho Park, Sang Hee Kim, Hyung Won Lee, Kil Hyun Kim, Hak Soo Lee, Ji Hye Kim, Young Seok Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(9):1210-1218.   Published online September 15, 1997
Purpose : Although neonatal intensive care and development of obstetrics play a role in improving survival rate in prematurity, cerebral palsy(CP) is still one of the neurologic sequelae. We tried to find what kinds of risk factors in the patients with abnormal neurosonographic findings who developed CP later. This study was performed to predict early enough who will develop CP later and to treat...
A Study of Auditory Brainstem Responses in Neonates with Hyperbilirubinemia and Their Neurodevelopmental Outcome
Sung Shin Park, Myoung Jae Chey, Kil Hyun Kim, Hak Soo Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1995;38(1):1-9.   Published online January 15, 1995
Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is a significant risk factor for the developemtn of otoneurologic disorder. Hyperbilirubinemia resulting in kernicterus produces widespread neuronal damage with the most common sites of staining and destruction involving the hippocampus, basal ganglia and the brainstem nuclei in the floor of the fourth ventricle, including the dorsal cochlear nucleus. ABR may be a useful tool for the monitoring early...
Periventricular Leukomalacia -Ultrasonographic Findings, Risk Factors and Neurological Outcome-
Kyeong Hee Cho, Myoung Jae Chey, Sejung Sohn, Kil Hyun Kim, Hak Soo Lee, Young Seok Lee, Dae Joong Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1993;36(5):693-704.   Published online May 15, 1993
The thirty eight newborn infants with periventricular leukomalacia who were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of Gil General Hospital from March 1, 1988 to June 30, 1991, were investigated for ultrasonographic findings, risk factors and neurological outcome. The results were as follows: 1) There were 38 cases of PVL including 21 echogenic flarings and 17 cystic PVL뭩. 2) Mean birth weight...
Case Report
Primay Endodermal Sinus Tumor of the Common Bile Duct
Kyeong Hee Cho, Se Jung Sohn, Kil Hyun Kim, Hak Soo Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1992;35(9):1298-1302.   Published online September 15, 1992
The endodermal sinus tumors are rare and highly malignant germ cell origin tumors occuring in both gonadal and extragonadal tissue. We have experienced a case of endodermal sinus tumor mixed with benign teratoma occuring in the common bile duct. It is a very rare site for endodermal sinus tumor. Serum α-fetoprotein was well correlated with clinical course.
Original Article
Congenital Cytomegalovirus infection.
Kang Woo park, Ho Seek Ahn, Eui Bon Koo, Sung Won Kim, Kil Hyun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1990;33(9):1271-1275.   Published online September 30, 1990
We report a case of congenital cytomegalovirus infection that was associated with microcephaly, hydrocephalus and periventricular calcification. The male baby was born after 39wks gestation to 28 year-old mother who had no prenatel problem except for active pulmonary tuberculosis and pre- mature rupture of membrain. Hydrocephalus was recognized by antenatal ultrasonography at 8 weeks of geststional age and microcephaly was noted at birth. This enable...
A case of Hypokalemic Familial Periodic Paralysis.
Seong Kuk Seo, Gyu Ha Lee, Han Young Jeong, Sung Won Kim, Kil Hyun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(7):1012-1016.   Published online July 31, 1989
Hypokalemic familial periodic paralysis is a type of periodic paralysis characterized by recurrent attack of weakness and paralysis of limb muscles with hypokalemia. The disease is inherited by autosomal dominant trait in case of familial type. We have experienced a case of periodic paralysis in a 10-years old boy whose father had died due to periodic paralysis. The diagnosis was easily established by history,...
A Case of Central Dysplasia.
Seong Kuk Seo, In Sook Kim, Soon Yol Hwang, Han Young Jeong, Sung Won Kim, Kil Hyun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(2):276-279.   Published online February 28, 1989
The central dysplasia is rare, congenital central hand anomaly which is usually associated with other anomalies such as radial dysplasia, ulnar dysplasia, syndactyly, absent carpal, carpal fusion, split foot, cleft palate, deafness, cataract, cyclopia, congenital nystagmus, fundal damage, anonychia, imperforate anus and congenital heart disease. The etiology is unknown, and the incidence of the typical split hand is one in 90,000 at birth. The genetics...
Case Report
A Case of Hydrops Fetalis due to Rh-Incompatibility.
In Sook Kim, Seong Kuk Seo, Han Young Jeong, Sung Won Kim, Kil Hyun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(2):255-261.   Published online February 28, 1989
We have experienced a case of Hydrops Fetalis due to Rh-incompatibility in 1 day old female neonate. She showed generalized edema, apnea, cyanosis at birth. her mother, whose blood group and type are A and Rh( -), was multiparity. The first and the second baby were died at 4th day after birth. We treated this third baby with exchange transfusion. 0...
A Case of Epidermolysis Bullosa Dystrophica.
Soon Yol Hwang, Jeong Sil Han, Gu Seok Jung, Sung Won Kim, Kil Hyun Kim, Chung Hee Chi
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1987;30(9):1049-1054.   Published online September 30, 1987
Epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica (EBD) is a rare, chronic noninflammatory mechanobullous disease of hereditary trait, which easily produces bulla by minor injury or spontaneously. We experienced a case of EBD in a 27th day of life female patient. Diagnosis was confirmed by clinical features, light and electron microscopy. A brief review of related literature was made.
A Case of Letterer-Siwe Disease.
Suh Hong Ha, Jeong Sil Han, Sung Won Kim, Kyung Tae Kim, Kil Hyun Kim, Chung Hee Chi
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1987;30(3):335-341.   Published online March 31, 1987
Letterer-Siwe disease is a variant of Histiocytosis X and characterized by onset in infancy, hepatosplenomegaly, lymphadenopathy, bleeding tendency, hypochromic anemia, fever, localized bone defect and fatal outcome. The diagnosis was confirmed by clinical symptoms, laboratory datas, histopathologic and radiologic findings. We experienced a case which was treated by single prednisolone method and resulted to good response. A brief review of literature was made.
A Case of Distal Type of Renal Acidosis.
Han young Jeong, Soon Yol Whang, Sung Won Kim, Kyung Tae Kim, Kil Hyun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1987;30(3):314-319.   Published online March 31, 1987
A 5 years old girl was admitted to Ped. Dept, of St. Benedict Hospital due to pneumonia, gait disability and knock knee. Physical examination on admission showed a picture of full blown rickets such as poor development, waddling gait, knock knee, widening of both wrists, rachitic rosary and compatible X-ray picture. IVP showed bilateral nephrocalcinosis with normal excretory function. Laboratory data showed hypematremin, hyperchloremia,...
Original Article
Clinical Observation on Human Rota Virus Gastroenteritis in Infants and Children.
Han Young Jeong, Gu Seok Jung, Sung Won Kim, Kyung Tae Kim, Kil Hyun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1986;29(5):517-524.   Published online May 31, 1986
The author studied 105 cases of HRV antigen positive detected by ELISA method among 325 children admitted to the pediatric ward at St. Benedict hospital, whose chief complain was diarrhea during the period of 1 year from Dec. 1st 1983 to Nov. 30, 1984. The results were as follow: 1) A high incidence of antigen positive was observed among...
Case Report
A Case of Neurofibromatosis associated with Pseudoarthrosis of the Ulna.
Ju Yeong Seo, Woo Yeong Chung, Soon Yong Lee, Kil Hyun Kim, Yeon Soon Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1984;27(5):516-520.   Published online May 31, 1984
We experienced a case of neurofibromatosis associated with pseudoarthrosis of the ulna in a 5-year-old boy. He had multiple cafe-au-lait spots, neurofibromas, and macrocranium with positive family history. A review of literatures was also presented briefly.
A Case of Hepatic Hemangioendothelioma.
Ki Tae Kim, Heon Kyung Lee, Soon Yong Lee, Young Sik Park, Kil Hyun Kim, Yeon Soon Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1984;27(4):395-400.   Published online April 30, 1984
We experienced a case of hepatic hemangioendothelioma in a 21-day-old girl who had a large mass in the left upper quadrant of abdomen. The diagnosis was confirmed by laparatomy and histological finding. A review of the related literatures was also made.
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