Korean Journal of Pediatrics 2005;48(5):469-475.
Published online May 15, 2005.
The Effects of Postpartum Depression on the Development of Children
Esook Oh
Oh's Pediatric Clinic, Department of Education, Graduate School, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
산후 우울증이 소아 발달에 미치는 영향
오 소아과의원, 한양대학교 대학원 교육학과
Esook Oh, Email: ohyes@pednet.co.kr
Mother-infant interaction is a crucial component of an infant's cognitive, emotional and behavioral development. Most people are preoccupied with fetal education, the physical conditions of the postpartum mother and baby, and emphasizing an early start in the child's education. However, the effects of a mother's postnatal emotional state on the development of the infant are often overlooked. Postpartum depression is a significant health problem affecting 10-20 percent of new mothers. Recent research findings indicate that the suffering caused by postpartum depression is not limited to these mothers alone; their babies and close family members are vulnerable to short-term and long-term effects as well. This review summarizes the findings of recent research works, in the light of publications within the last seven years.
Key Words: Postpartum depression , Development of infant and children

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