Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1958;1(3):45-50.
Published online March 31, 1958.
Studies on growth and development of korea children
Jai Mo Yang, Kook Hoon Ko, Eui Sun Lim
Department of Pediatrics, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
韓國人 初生兒의 計測
梁在模, 高充勳, 林宣善
延世大學校 醫科大學 小兒科敎室.衛生學敎室
Adequate and practical knowledge of the growth and development of the human organism from conception to maturity is of basic importance to the physician. Studies on growth and development were done extensively on korean children by many workers. A voluminous literature has accumulated on growth and develop ment, and evaluations of physical status and the progress of growth and develop ment are integral parts of the physician’s routine medical care for children and are essential for sound practice elsewhere. All measurements in this study are based upon Korean newborn delivered at Severance Hospital and Ewha University East Gate Hospital from January 1957 to May 1958. All measurements were done without clothing within 24 hours after delivery. Body length was measured in the recumbent position, tbe infant lying on a firm table with a measuring stick along one edge. The soles of the feet were held firmly against a fixed upright board at the zero mark. A movable board crossing the table above the head was brought firmly against the vertex. For the measurement of head circumference the tape was applied firmly ver the glabella, and supra rbital ridges anteriorly and the opposite part of the occiput posteriorly. The girth of the thorax was measured with the tape at the level of the xiph id cartilage and in a plane at a right angle to the vertebral column. The readin was made in midrespiration. All weight values are expressed in kilograms, and length values in centimeters. The discrepancies between the numbers of observation were due to the different start of the study.

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