Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1967;10(11):573-578.
Published online November 30, 1967.
Statistical Studies on Acute Poisonings of Infants and Children A Comparative Study between Urban and Rural Areas
Ki Young Lee
Dept, of Pediatrics College of Medicine,Yonsei University
小兒急性中毒의 統計的觀察 - 都市 및 農村地域을 對象으로한 比鼓觀察
延世大學校 醫科大學 小兒科學敎室
172 cases of acute poisoning who had been admitted in the Pediatric wards of Severance Hospital and Wonju Union Christian Hospital were statistically analyzed and compared with two hospitals for the difference between urban and rural areas. 1.Boys were more often intoxicated than girls and the highest incidence was observed in the 2 to 4year age group. 2.Seasonal incidence showed no great difference but intoxication seemed to be more prevalent between May and July. 3. 34 kinds of various intoxicating substances were observed to be causative. Of these, insecticides (made for agricultural use, chiefly parathion) were the most common, CO gas, lye and edatives were the next most common causes. 4. Insecticide poisonings chiefly occured after spraying the substance in the living room for the eradication of mosquetoes, flies and lices. Such intoxications were most common in the group under one year of age. 5.COgas poisoning was the most frequent in the urban area and insecticides in the rural area. 6. Poisonings of accidental causes were usually more frequent than therapeutic purposes but, under 1 year age group, Vice Versa. 7.The mortality rate was 11%. Of these, CO gas poisoning was most common, insecticides and rodenticides were the next.

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