Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1982;25(9):906-913.
Published online September 30, 1982.
Study on cord blood hemoglobin and etiology of neonatal anemia.
Chul Lee, Hae Jung Cho, Myung Ho Lee, Sook Ja Park, Young Hae Lee
1Department of Pediatrics, Presbyterian Medical Center, Chonju, Korea
2Department of Clinical Pathology, Presbyterian Medical Center, Chonju, Korea
3Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Presbyterian Medical Center, Chonju, Korea
신생아 제대혈의 정상 혈색소값 및 신생아 빈혈에 관한 연구
이 철, 조혜정, 이명호, 박숙자, 이영혜
1전주예수병원 소아과
2전주예수병원 임상병리과
3전주예수병원 산부인과
Capillary samples obtained by skin prick, generally from the heel or toe, have a higher hemoglobin Concentration than simultaneously collected venous samples. So, capillary values should not be compared to previously obtained cord venous blood values when one is looking for changes in hemoglobin, concentration during the first week of life. Cord venous blood hemoglobin and hemotocrit of 309 normal newborn infants have been examined. Thirty nine neonates whose cord hemoglobin are one standard deviation helow mean cord hemoglobin level have been examined to search for the cause of neonatal anemia. Anemia in the newborn can result from one of three cause: hemorrage, hemolysis or failure of red cell production. The basic laboratory studies in the investigation of anemia include hemoglobin concentr- ation, reticulocyte count for failure of red cell production, examination of peripheral blood smear for morphologic abnormality of RBC, a direct Coombs test of the infants blood for hemolysis, and examination of the maternal blood smear for fetal erythrocyte by acid elution method. 1) Mean cord hemoglobin土 one standard deviation was 16.17±2.84 gm%. 2) Mean cord hemotocrit士 one standard deviation was 49.53±8.55%. 3) Fetomaternal transfusion was examined in 31 newborn whose cord hemoglobin was below 13.3 gm. More than one fetal erythrocyte were observed during inspection of one thousand mother’s erythrocyte in 12 newtorn. Therefore this form of occult blood loss is probably the commonest cause of anemia in the newborn. 4) At the 38th gestational week, cord hemoglobin level reached mean value. 5) At 2,800 grams of birth weight, cord hemoglobin level reached mean value. 6) Difference of cord hemoglobin between ABO compatable group was not significant statistically* 7) Mean cord hemoglobin of caesarian section group was higher than that of normal vaginal delivery group.
Key Words: Neonatal anemia, Cord blood hemoglobin, Fetomaternal transfusion, Acid elution, technique.

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