Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1983;26(10):986-995.
Published online October 31, 1983.
Clinical Observation on Guillain-Barre Syndrome in Children.
Y J Kim, G J Kim, T C Kwon, Y D Kwon, C M Kang
Department of Pediatrics, Keimyung University, School of Medicine, Taegu, Korea
소아의 Guillain-Barr6 증후군에 대한 임상적 관찰
김연주, 김귀자, 권태찬, 권영대, 강진무
계명대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
55 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome which were admitted to the Pediatric Department of Keimyung University, Dong San Hospital during the period of 10 years from January 1973 to December 1982 were reviewed and the clinical observations were attempted. The following results were obtained. There was no specific prevalence in annual incidence. The highest incidence was in summer season and especially low during the winter season. 83.8% of the total cases were seen between the ages of 3〜 10 years and the male to female ratio was 1.3 : 1. Over two third cases were preceded by upper respiratory infection and measles were seen in 2 cases, varicella in 1 case. Half of the cases developed upper and lower extremities paralysis and the cranial nerve involvement were observed in 3 cases. 5 among the 8 cases who had severe respiratory involvement, developed extensive pulmonary atelectasis. Initial cerebrospinal fluid study showed pleocytosis in 12.7% and the protein level was increased in 50. 9% of the cases. 65.4% of the total cases were improved on discharge and the mortality was 9.2%. We performed bronchial washing in 5 cases who had extensive pulmonary atelectasis resulting in severe respiratory difficulty, and obtained good results.
Key Words: Gullian-Barre syndrome.

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