Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1984;27(9):896-902.
Published online September 30, 1984.
The Clinico-Pathological Analysis of Cervical Masses in Infants and Children.
H I Lee, B Ahn, S H Kim, T C Kwon, C M Kang
Department of Pediatrics, Keimyung University, School of Medicine, Daegu, Korea
소아 경부종양의 임상 및 조직학적 소견
이형일, 안 빈, 김성호, 권태찬, 강진무
계명대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
The review on 146 patients under the age of 15 years who have cervical lymphadenopathy and had undergone lymph node biopsy at Keimyung University Dong San Hospital from Jan. 1971 to April 1983 was made. Following results were obtained. 1) The histopathological analysis showed inflammatory change in 45.9% including 10.3% of tuberculous lesion, congenital origin 24.7%,malignant tumor 9.6% and benign tumor in 2.1%. In 17.7% of the lesions were impossible to made histological diagnosis. 2) Male to female ratio was 1.9 : 1. There was no sex prevalence in tuberculous lymphadenitis. Most cases were found over the age of 5 years. 3)Most of the tuberculous nodes were located unilaterally and 54.3% of congenital lesions were on midline of the neck alignant tumors were located unilaterally and bilaterally in same frequency. 4)65.6% of the nodes were small sized (less than 2 cm of largest diameter of the mass), 26.3% were medium sized(2~4 cm) and 8.1% were large sized (over 4 cm). Most of the inflammatory nodes(80% of the nonspecific lesion and 71.4% of tuberculous lesion) were small sized. 5)The duration between mass finding and biopsy was less than 1 month in 27.6%, 1~6 months in 33.3% and over 3 years in 26.7%. 71.4% of the group who had over 3 years duration were congenital lesions.
Key Words: Cervical mass, Clinicopathological findings

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