Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1990;33(8):1057-1064.
Published online August 31, 1990.
Total Protein, Albumin and IgG Analysis of Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluid in Control and Aseptic Meningitis.
Nak Won Choi, Myung Ja Yoon, Hae Rung Chung, Dong Hyuk Kum
Department of Pediatrics, Koryo General Hospital, Seoul, Korea
정상소아 및 무균성뇌막염 환아의 뇌척수액과 혈청내의 총단백, Albumin, IgG 측정치에 대한 연구
최낙원, 윤명자, 정혜령, 금동혁
고려병원 소아과
Received: 13 April 1990   • Accepted: 2 July 1990
Determination of proteins in CSF and serum demonstrates two pathological conditions of CNS, namely a blood brain barrier (B.B.B.) damage and a selective elevation of IgG due to synthesis within CSF CNS. -Q albumin ratio is a sensitiv eand adequate parameter for demonstration of B.B.B. Serum CSF . „ / s^IgGratl0 I pep damage and IgG Index = I Serum ) albumin ratio is a better measurement for local production of IgG within CNS. We analysed T. protein, albumin, IgG of CSF and serum using rate nephelometric ICS in 17 cases of aseptic meningitis compared to 18 cases of Controls who were admitted to Pediatric Dept, of koryo General Hospital from Oct. 1987 to July 1988. The results as follows; 1) Total protein in CSF was increased in aseptic meningitis (24.89 ±5.63 mg%) compared to those of control (35.6 ±12.41 mg%), but not in serum. 2) Albumin and IgG in CSF were significantly increased in aseptic meningitis (12.2±5.0 mg%, 1. 68±0.98 mg%) compared to those in control group (18.4±8.9 mg%, 2.88±1.64 mg%) (p<0.01). CSF 3) g규um albumin ratio was significantly increased in aseptic meningitis (0.0027 ±0.0005) compar- ed to those of control (0.0050±0.0032) (p<0.01). 4) IgG index was increased, but not significanlty, in aseptic meningitis (0.5304 ±0.0830) compared to those in control group (0.5459±0.1200) (p>0.01) This results suggest that aseptic meningitis damages a blood brain barrier, but does not synthesis IgG in CNS.
Key Words: Aseptic meningitis, albumin, IgG, IgG Index

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