Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1968;11(11):577-582.
Published online November 30, 1968.
Several Chemical Components of Cerebrospinal Fluid; Variation in Pathological Conditions of Children
Min-Hwa Park
Department of Pediatrics, Chonnam University Medical School Kwang-ju, Korea
腦 및 腦膜疾患 때 腦普髓液內 몇몇 化學成分의 變動에 對하여
The determinations of the value of sugar, protein, cholesterol, L.D.H. and G.O.T. have been made for the cerebrospinal fluid in such pathological conditions as tuberculous meningitis, encephalitis japonica, purulent meningitis, poliomyelitis and normal children. In encephalitis japonica, the sugar and protein contents were almost similar to the normal values, while in tuberculous and purulent meningitis, the marked decrease of sugar was observed, with striking increase of protein contents. Total cholesterol could not, in normal children, be detected in C.S.F.. Total cholesterol level and L. D.H. activity showed, slight increase in non comatose state of encephalitis japonica and tuberculous meningitis, whereas the value showed increase in comatose state of the same disease. Glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (G.O.T.) of C.S.F. was increased markedly in encephalitis japonica, tuberculous and purulent meningitis.

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