Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1972;15(12):1126-1134.
Published online December 31, 1972.
A Clinical Observation on Purulent Meningitis in Infancy and Childhood
J.B Cho, S.H Chang, D.H Kum, J.M Kang, D.H Shin
Department of Pediatrics, Presbyterian Hospital Taegu, Korea
소아 화농성 뇌막염의 임상적 관찰
조재보, 장신형, 금동혁, 강무진, 신동학
대구동산기독병원 소아과
159 cases of purulent meningitis were observed at the presbyterian hospital in Taegu, Korea during 11 years period between 1960〜1970. A clinical and stastistical observations were made with following results. 1) In these 159 cases. Pathogens were detected in 76 cases (47. 8%) by CSF culture. Meningococci(33%),pneumococci (25%) and H. influenzae (2.1%) were frequent than the others such as staphylococci (10. 5%) streptococci (9. 2%) and mixed infection (1. 3%). 2) Most cases were developed during the spring and winter seasons especially between February through April. More prevalent in males (66%) than in females (34%). and about 50% o£ cases were predilected under 5 years of age. 3) Clinically, fever (85. 5%) and vomiting (83. 0%) were the most frequent symptom. Headache and convulsions were next in frequency. 4) In CSF examination, cell counts were most frequently in the range of 1, 000〜5,000/cmm (34. 6%), protein values in 100〜200 gm% (38) with 28. 9% of them over 300 mg%,. and sugar levels in 0〜 10 mg% (43. 4%). 5) 65. 4% of the cases had complete recovery with 23. 3% of mortality. There were 3.1% of complications and 8. 2% of the cases were lost from follow up. There was higher mortality in group of protein values of CSF over 300 mg%. 6) Pathogens were cultured from CSF frequently in untreated group prior to the admission than treated group. Cell counts, protein and sugar levels in untreated group were slightly lower than those in treated group.

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