Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1967;10(11):599-604.
Published online November 30, 1967.
A Study on the Serum Total, Free and Esterified Cholesterol of Normal Korean Children
N.Y. Sung
韓國小兒의 血淸Cholesterol 植에 關한 昭究
서울大學校 醫科大學 小兒科學敎室
It has been well known that the serum total cholesterol level, which has to do with various card iovascular diseases in adults, varies c the race, ages, sexes, environmental factors etc. According to the literatures on serum total cholesterol contents of Koreans and Caucasians, the latter constantly higher level than the former. Apart from partial analysis on the total serum cholesterol content of normal Korean children, ranging from 1 to 20 years of age, no systematic bulk study has yet been reported. The author has made the following study. The cholesterol content was analyzed by the method of Zack et al. 587 cases of males and 506 of females, each from 1 and 20 years of age, were analyzed for their serum cholesterol content, and the result obtained were: 1.The serum total cholesterol level in both males and females increased gradually with their increasing ages up until 14 years, but the level decreased after 15 years. 2.Under 10 years of age the esterified cholesterol was 70~75%, whereas over 10 years of age it was 65~70 % of the total cholesterol in both sexes. 3.With the advent of puberty the serum cholesterol level was somewhat less in the females than in the males. 4.Comparing with the cholesterol content of corresponding Caucasian age group, a difference began to appear with age after the birth and from the age 10 on a greater difference was noted.

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