Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1967;10(7):357-364.
Published online July 31, 1967.
Experimental Study on the Effects of Osmotic Stimulation in Red nucleus, Globus Pallidus and Brodmann9s Area 4 and 6 upon Urinary output in the Rabbit
Jong Man Lee
Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine Seoul National University
赤核, 蒼白球, Brodmann 第四및 六野에 對한 慘透壓刺戰이 家兎의 尿量에 미치는 影響에 關한 實驗的昭究
서울大學校 醫科大學小兒科學敎室
This study was performed to persuit an influence on the changes of urinary output by stimulations of red nucleus, globus pallidus, and Brodmann’s area 4 and 6 with 2% NaCl solution, physiologic saline and distilled water on 25 male rabbits, whose weights were 1.8 kg. These experiments were divided into 4 groups; the control, the red nucleus, the globus pallidus, and the brain cortex groups (Brodmann’s area 4 and 6). After being fasted for 16 hrs. duration, 5 ml/kg. body weight of 2% NaCl solution were gavaged before each study three times to those animal with intervals of 60 min. in order to maintain positive water balance. According to Choi’s stereotaxic coordinates with stereotaxic apparatus, each 0.1 ml of the above mentioned osmotic stimulants was injected into the aimed location of the brain of the rabbit bilaterally. Urine was collected through a catheter while rabbit was placed on the holder. The results obtained were as follows: 1.A marked influence on urinary output by osmotic stimulation was observed in the two groups; red nucleus group and brain cortex group; a)Marked decrease of urinary output by osmotic stimulation with 2% NaCl solution. b)Marked increase of urinary output by osmotic stimulation with distilled water. c)No remarkable change was observed in urinary output by osmotic stimulation with physiologic saline solution. 2.In globus pallidus group and cerebellum group were not observed any noticeable changes in urinary output by the various osmotic stimulations.

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