Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1973;16(9):683-690.
Published online September 30, 1973.
Clinical Observation of 90 Cases of Intussusception in Infancy & Children
Jung Lim Rhee, Byang Hae Yoon, Keun Chan Sohn, Keun Soo Lee
Department of Pediatrics, National Medical Center Seoul, Korea
소아 장중첩증 90례의 임상적 관찰
이중림, 윤병해, 손근찬, 이근수
국립의료원 소아과
The clinical studies of 90 cases of intussusception in infancy and children were mcde. 1)Of the 90 cases, 42 cases (46.7%) were admitted to the Dept, of Pediatrics and 48 cases (53. 3%) were admitted to the Dept, of General Surgery. 2)Hales were more affected than females. The ratio was 2.7 : 1. 3)In age incidence, the cases were seen mostly at the age of under 1 year〔75.6%), especlaely from 3rd to 12th month of lefe (70%) 4)among siblings the first baby was most frequently affected (43%). 5)There was no correction by barium, reduction in the cases who were admitted over 48 hours after symptoms developed. 6)The cardial symptoms and signs were abdominal pain (87.8%) blood stool (82.2%) vomiting (73.3%) and palpable abdominal mass (55.6%) 7)The most common types of intussusception were ileocolic (42%) and ileocecal type (40%) 8)Barium reduction was successfully done in the 33 cases of pediatric patient (79%) but only 8 cases were done among surgical patient (17%) 9)Our motality rates was 4.4%

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