Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1976;19(11):878-885.
Published online November 30, 1976.
A Case of Distal Type of Renal Tubular Acidosis with Nephrocalcinosis
Tai Hyuk Yim, Ho Woong Doh, Don Hee Ahn, Keun Chan Sohn
Department of Pediatrics, National Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
원위형 뇨세관성 산성증 1 예 -신석회 침착을 동반한 구루병-
임태혁, 도호웅, 안돈희, 손근찬
국립의료원 소아과
A 7 year-old boy was admitted to Ped. dept, of N.M.C. due to waddling gait and knock knee. He was diagnosed as rickets at 5 years of his age and irregular vitamin D treatment was given without improvement at local clinics. Physical examination on admission showed a picture of full blown rickets such as poor development, waddling gait, double malleoli, knock knee, widening of both wrists, rachitic rosary and compatible x-ray pictures. I.V.P. showed bilateral nephrocalcinosis with normal excretory function. Laboratory data showed low serum calcium, normal serum phosphorus and high alkaline phosphatase levels. Blood gas analysis (Astrup) showed compensated metabolic acidosis. In spite of these data, urine pH was above 6. 0. Under the impression of renal tubular acidosis of distal type, high dose of vitamin D was given, accompanied by alkali therapy with Shohl’s solution. After 5 weeks of treatment, marked improvement was noted both in clinical symptoms and laboratory results. With the review of literatures, the case was presented.

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