Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1959;2(1):50-56.
Published online January 31, 1959.
Chong Moo Park, Chang Wha Song, Kun Won Chang
Department of Pediatrics, Presbyterian Hospital Taegu, Korea
小兒紫斑病의 臨床的觀察
朴鍾茂, 宋昌華, 將根元
大邱東山基督病院 小兒科
Thirty purpura cases at the Children's Hospital and the Presbyterian Hospital in Taegu, Korea during the past three years and four months period(1955-April 1958) have been studied. The following features are discussed : Definition and etiology, classification, incidences, clinical syndrome, complications, laboratory finding, treatment and prognosis. Summary: 1. Non-thrombocytopenic purpura was predominant than thrombocytopenic purpura. 2. Male patients were predominant in sex incidence at the rate of 3 :1. 3.The highest incidence was in infant. Young children, school age children followed. 4.We had seen two cases of acute fulminating purpura associated with men ingococcemia. 5.ACTH and cortisone were very effective for the treatment of purpura in acute phase(82%), but not so effective in chronic phase. 6.Splectomy was done for two long standing idiopathic thrombocytic purpura cases and the result were excellent. 7.Two hemophilia patients with purpura had subconjunctival hematoma and hemoarthrosis of the knee joint with ankylosis of an ankle joint.

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