Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1958;1(3):64-67.
Published online March 31, 1958.
Ock Ja Whang, Kook Hoon Ko
Department of Pediatrics, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Guillain-Barr6 Syndrome 이라고 생각되는 二 列
黃 玉 子, 高 充勳
延世大學校醫科大學 小兒科敎室
Since Guillain, Barre and Str、hl in 1916, described a peculiar form of polyneuritis coexisting with normal cell count and increased protein of the cerebrospinal fluid there is a problem of differentiation between this type of polyneuritis and acute anterior poliomyelitis. Recently we have seen several cases whose clinical manifestions were considered those of Guillain-Barre syndrome, th ugh the content of protein of the cerebrospinal fluid was normal. Report of Cases: Case 1. A 4 years and one month old Korean boy was admitted to Severance Hospital on Octdber 10, 1957, because of general malaise, weakness of both extremities, and disability in walking of 7 days’ duration. The upper extremities showed severe motor impairment; the patient was unable to raise his arms or move his shoulders. The muscular tonicity was diminished. Both lower extremities also showed flaccid paralysis. The cerebrospinal fluid was within normal limits. The patient was treated with large doses of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C with 5% Dextrose in water, and total dose 2300 mg. of cortisone, and made a satisfactory recovery. The patient was able to walk and discharged 26 days after admission. Case 2. An 11 years old Korean boy was admitted on. May 10, 1958, to Severance Hospital with a hfctory of general malaise and weakness of both lower extremities and both arms. The past history was not contributory except that his uncle has pulmonary tuberculosis. On admission, the patient appeared acutdly ill. Systematic examination revealed nothing of significance apart from the neurologic conditions. The patient was unable to raise his arms or move his shoulders. The fingers could not be flexed or extended. Both lower extremities showed flaccid paralysis. The patient was anable to move his hips. The patient was discharged on account of financial difficulty 8 days after admission.

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