Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1980;23(11):935-939.
Published online November 15, 1980.
Roentgenorams of the Chest in Acute Glomeruloneptritig in Children.
Sung Churl Park1, Su Yung Kim1, Hak Soo Lee2
1Dept. of pediatrics, Maryknoll Hospital, Busan, Korea.
2Dr. Lee's Ped. clinic, Busan, Korea
急性絲球體腎炎의 胸部 X-線 所見
朴省鐵1, 金水暎1, 李學洙2
Roentgenograms of the chest were reviewed from 122 childrens with acute glomeruloneph ritis. Abnormalities were found in 110 roentgenograms. These included cardiomegaly in 82(67.2%), prominent pulmonary vasculature in 98(80.3%), pleural effusion in 35(28.6%), pulmonary edema in 24(19.6%), and pulmonary consolidation in 20(16.3%). The roentgen findings in the chest, although not pathognomic, may have diagnostic values occasionally.

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