Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1982;25(9):889-897.
Published online September 30, 1982.
Studies on LDH activity in cerebrospinal fluid of tuberculosis, purulent and aseptic meningitis in children.
Baeg Woon Seung
Department of pediatrics, College of Medicine, Busan National University
소아 뇌막 질환시 뇌척수액 LDH 활성도의 변동에 대한 관찰
부산의과대학 부속병원 소아과
The variations of LDH activity of the ceretrospiral fluids were investigated in 35 cases of meningeal diseases in children (15 cases of tulerculovs meningitis, 15 cases of purulent meni- ngitis and 5 cases of aseptic meningitis) and 10 cases of healthy children as control. The results wre summarized as follows: 1. The LDH activity was 31.5±13.4 unit in the cerebrospinal fluids of the healthy children. 2. On admission, the stage H of trlerculots meningitis showed slightly ircreased I CH activity in cerebrospinal fluids(109.4±38.4 unit), whereas the stage I of ttlercnlovs shewed moderately increased LDH activity in cerbrospinal fluids (148.6±71.9 unit). 3. On admission, the purulent meningitis showed markedly increased LDH activity in cerebrospinal fluids (236±80.3 unit). 4. In aseptic meningitis, LDH activity in cerebrospiral fluid was 37±9.3 unit on admission, so there was no significant difference between aseptic meningitis and realthy children. 5. In 6 fatal cases of patients due to meningitis (4 cases of tuherculous menin容:itis ard 2 cases of purulent menirgitis), the reexamired LDH activity in ceretrospiral fluid have increased more than that of admission or markedly ircreased than average LDH activity of healthy children. 6. On admission, the LDH activity of meningitis in cerebrospinal fluid was not correlated to other laboratory datas(sertm LDH activity, cell counts, sugar ard protein levels in cerebrospinal fluid).
Key Words: Meningitis, C.S.F. L.D.H.

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