Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1984;27(6):603-609.
Published online June 30, 1984.
Clinical Study of Wilms' Tumor .
Myung Hyun Lee, In Sil Lee, Hyo Seop Ahn, Chang Yee Hong
Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Seoul National University
Wilms 종양에 대한 임상적 관찰
이명현, 이인실, 안효섭, 홍창의
서울대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
Thirty-five cases of Wilms tumor treated at the Seoul National University Hospital from 1969 to 1983, were analyzed and the results are as follows: 1)Ages at nephrectomy were from 1 monh. to 11 years and 8 months. The mean, age was 3 years and 4 months and the median was 2 years and 9 months. The sex ratio of male to female was 1 : 1.5. 2)There were 16 cases of left-sided tumor and 19 cases of right-side tumor. 3)Congenital defects were found in 20% of the cases and genitourinary anomalies were most common. 4)The most frequently encountered symptoms were abdominal tumor/distension(97.1%), fever, hematuria, abdominal pain, vomiting and hypertension. 5)Chest Xray showed pulmonary nodules in 5 cases, and intravenous pyelogram showed intrarenal mass in 26 cases(74.3%). 6)The distribution of patients according to stage using NWTS staging system were 11, 9, 7 and 8 cases of stage I, K, K and ]y, respectively. 7)Local recurrences and/or distant metastases were observed in 14 cases: 8 of them presented with metastases at initial diagnosis. Involved organs were ung(57.1%), liver, abdomen excluding liver, bond marrow and subcutaneous tissues. 8)The 2-year survival rates of the 33 patients treated were 67.0%. The patients under 2 years of age have higher 2 years survival than the patients over 2 years of age. Two-year survival rates of the patients in stage I were 87.1%, and the patients in stage IV were 37,3%(P
Key Words: Wilms tumor, Two-year survival rate

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