Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1985;28(7):653-662.
Published online July 31, 1985.
Clinical Observation of Profiles of Serologic Markers in Hepatitis B.
H Y Ahn, S T Kim, S G Cho, Y Y Choi, J S Ma, C Sohn
Department of Pediatrics, Chonnam University, Medical School, Kwangju,Korea
B 형간염 환아에서 면역표식자의 발현양상에 관한 임상적 고찰
안현영, 김승태, 조생구, 최영륜, 마재숙, 손 철
전남대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
Serologic markers of hepatitis B virus were detected by Enzymeimmunoassay in acute(88 cases in 68 patients) and chronic (19 cases in 6 patients) hepatitis B. 1)Positive rate of HBsAg was highest (acute 64.5%, chronic 89.4%) in 5 serologic markers and AntiHBe or AntiHBs were not detected in chronic cases. 2)18 serologic profiles (I~XXIII) were observed, of these common type was 78.4% and unusual type 21.4%. 3)Cases with Anti HBc positive only were 17% of acute and 10.5 % of chronic hetpaitis B. Positive rate of HBeAg in HBsAg negative cases of acute hepatitis B was 2.3%. 4)In acute cases, positive rate of HBsAg with AntiHBs was 10.2% and at that cases S/P ratio of HBsAg was 0.16. In chronic cases with HBsAg positive, S/P ratio of HBsAg was 1.23(p<.001).
Key Words: Serologic markers, Hepatits B virus, Positive rate, S/P ratio

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