Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1986;29(7):779-783.
Published online July 31, 1986.
A Case of Recurrent Bacterial Meningitis Secondary to the Defect of Stapes Footplate.
Soon Hee Eom1, Joo Hong Cha1, Byoung Soo Cho1, Sa Jun Chung1, Chang Il Ahn1, Chang Il Cha2
1Department of Pediatrics,Kyung Hee University, College of Medicine
2Department of Otolaryngology, Kyung Hee University, College of Medicine
Stapes footplate 의 defect 를 동반한 재발성 세균성 뇌막염 1례
엄순희1, 차주홍1, 조병수1, 정사준1, 안창일1, 차창일2
1경희대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
2경희대학교 의과대학 이비인후과학교실
With the dramatic lowering the mortality rate of bacterial meningitis since the introduction of antibacterial agents, multiple attacks of bacterial meningitis no longer are a curiosity. So multiple attacks of bacterial meningitis may be the only indication of the existence of an abnormal communication between the nasopharynx or ear and the meningeal space and such a communication must be found. We have experienced a case that a patient who had had recurrent bacterial meningitis had defect of Stapes footplate through which the CSF was leaking. We diagnosed by middle ear exploration and packed into the inner ear vestibule using the temporalism & fascia. The authors reported a. case of recurrent bacterial meningitis secondary to oval window CSF leakage with a brief review of related literatures.
Key Words: Recurrent bacterial meningitis, Spontaneous CSF otorrhea, Stapes footplate

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