Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1987;30(5):569-576.
Published online May 31, 1987.
One Case of a 18-Year-Old Boy with Domplete D-Transposition of the Great Arteries.
Tae Kyoung Kim1, Bong Shin Lee1, Byoung Hai Ahn1, Young Hi Yoo1, Hyun Suk Lee1, Wook Youm2
1Department of Pediatrics, Korea Veterans Hospital
2Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Korea Veterans Hospital
18세 남자의 완전대혈관전위 1례
김태경1, 이봉신1, 안병해1, 유영희1, 이현숙1, 염 욱2
1한국보훈병원 소아과
2한국보훈병원 흉부외과
Without the appropriate treatment, infants bom with transposition of the great arteries rarely survive the first year of life. But modern aggressive palliative and corrective surgical interventions can provide such infants with considerable hope for aldolescent and adult life. In this report, we present one case of a 18-year-old boy having complete D-transposition of the great arteries with atrial septal defect (S.D.D), who was successfully operated with intraatrial baffle technique originally proposed by Mustard.
Key Words: Complete D-transposition of the great arteries, mustard operation.

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