Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1989;32(7):990-994.
Published online July 31, 1989.
A Case of Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome.
Ick berm Park, Sung guen Oh, Jung suk Ko, Sang hyun Byun, Kyu chul Choeh
Department of Pediatrics, Eul Ji General Hospital, Dae Jeon, Korea
장폐쇄를 동반한 Peutz-Jeghers 증후군의 가족적 발생 1례
박익범, 오성균, 고정석, 변상현, 최규철
대전을지병원 소아과
Received: 26 November 1988   • Accepted: 20 December 1988
This is a report of our experience of Peutz-Jeghers syndrome in a 14 year old girl having family history. She was admitted with complaints of crampy abdominal pain and vomiting, and showed melanotic pigmentation on the lips, face around nose, oral mucosa around molar areas, fingers and toes. Colon study revealed multiple polyposis in colon and small bowel. In family, her father has melanotic pigmentation and a history of operation for intestinal polyposis. And her younger brother has melanotic pigmentation but has not yet developed intestinal symptoms.
Key Words: Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, Melanotic pigmentation, Polyposis

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