Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1999;42(10):1426-1433.
Published online October 15, 1999.
The Protective Effect of Vitamin E and Desferrioxamine on Cultured Cerebral Neurons of Neonatal Mouse Damaged by Ischemic Condition
So-ra Lee, Yeon-kyun Oh, Seung-taek Park
Department of Pediatrics, Wonkwang University School of Medicine, Iksan, Korea
허혈 유도에 의해 손상된 신생생쥐의 배양 대뇌신경세포에 대한 Vitamin E와 Desferrioxamine의 보호효과
이소라, 오연균, 박승택
원광대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
Yeon-kyun Oh, Email: 1
: Perinatal asphyxia is an important cause of neurologic morbidity. Experiments in animal models of hypoxic-ischemic brain injury demonstrate that brain damage starts during hypoxia-ischemia. In order to evaluate the ischemic condition-induced neurotoxic effect in view of oxi- dative stress, we examined the cytotoxic effect in cultured cerebral neurons of neonatal mouse.
: Dissociated cell cultures were prepared from cerebrum of neonatal mouse. Tissues were diced into small pieces and were incubated in phosphate buffered saline at 37℃. Isolated cells were resuspended in the medium and plated in poly-L-lysine coated 96 well multichambers at a cell density of 5×104cells/well. Cells were grown in a 5% CO2/95% air atmosphere at 37℃. Cytotoxic effects were examined in the cultured cerebral neurons with time interval in the ischemic condition with a 95% nitrogen/5% CO2. And the protective effect of vitamin E and desferrioxamine as an antioxidant was examined by MTT assay and neurofilament enzymeimmunoassay(EIA). Microscopic examinations were also done.
: Ischemic condition markedly decreased the cell viability in a time-dependent manner in cultured cerebral neurons. MTT50 value was estimated at 10 minutes, when cerebral neurons were incubated for various time intervals in ischemic condition. Under light microscopy, the number of cells and neurites were decreased when cerebral neurons were cultured for 10 minutes in the ischemic condition. Vitamin E was an effective antioxidant in blocking ischemic condition-induced neurotoxicity, while desferrioxamine was not in these cultures.
: It is suggested that ischemic conditions are neurotoxic and selective antioxidant such as vitamin E is effective in protecting against the neurotoxicity induced by ischemic condition in cultured cerebral neurons of neonatal mouse.
Key Words: Vitamin E, Desferrioxamine, Cultured cerebral neuron, Neurotoxicity, Neonatal mouse, Oxidative stress, Hypoxia, Ischemia

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