Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1989;32(11):1482-1488.
Published online November 30, 1989.
Asymptomatic human rotavirus infections during infancy and preschool period.
Hye Lim Jung, Byoung Hoon Yoo, Tae Sub Shim
Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea
영유아기의 Human Rotavirus 불현성 감염률에 관한 연구
정혜림, 유병훈, 심태섭
중앙대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
Received: 29 May 1989   • Accepted: 29 May 1989
Asymptomatic human rotavirus (HRV) infection rate was studied by comparing the rate of HRV excretion in diarrhea cases with that in nondiarhea group of children under preschool age. HRV antigen in stool was detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) from children under 6 years of age who were admitted to Pediatric Department of Chung-Ang University Medical Center from November 1988 to mid-April 1989. 1) HRV antigen was detected in stools of 49 patients (57.6%) among 85 patients with diarrhea (diarrhea group) and 42 patients (37.2%) among 113 patients without diarrhea (nondiarrhea group). 2) HRV excretion in stool associated with diarrhea was observed in 25% of neonates, 58.3% of l-to-6-month-old patients, 74.4% of 7-to-24-month-old patients, and 50% of 25-month-to-6-year-old patients. 3) HRV excretion in stool not associated with diarrhea was observed in 48.1% of neonates, 35.3% of l-to-6-month-old patients, 44.1% of 7-to-24-month-old patients, and 22.9% of 25-month to 6-year- old patients. 4) Asymptomatic infection rate of HRV was 46.2% (42/91). 5) Symptomatic infection rate of HRV was 53.8% (49/91). 6) Asymptomatic HRV infections developed in 76.5% of neonates, 46.2% of 1 to 6 months age group, 34.1% of 7 to 24 months age group, and 47.1% of 25 months to 6 years age group of HRV infected patients. 7) There were significant differences in age distribution of asymptomatic and symptomatic HRV infection. In neonates, asymptomatic infections were more frequent than symptomatic infections. In 7 to 24 months age group, symptomatic infections were more frequent than asymptomatic infections.
Key Words: Human rotavirus infection. Asymptomatic infection. ELISA

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