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Volume 49(10); Oct 2006
Review Articles
Review Articles
Motor delay : cerebral palsy
Ho Jin Park
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1019-1025.   Published online October 15, 2006
Mental retardation and other neurodevelopmental disorders
Kwon Soon Hak
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1026-1030.   Published online October 15, 2006
Concept of developmental disability and the role of a pediatrician
Young Jong Woo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1031-1036.   Published online October 15, 2006
Original Articles
Original Articles
Adolescent obesity and the elevation of aminotransferase levels
Su Yeon Kim, Ho Jun Lee, Tae Su Park, Soo Geun Kim, Hye Jung Shin
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1037-1041.   Published online October 15, 2006
Health and risk taking behaviors of freshmen in college
Hong Ki Ko, Jae Joon Han, Yoon Lee, Young Yoo, Kee Hyoung Lee, Ji Tae Choung, Sang Hee Park
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1042-1049.   Published online October 15, 2006
Changes of neurodevelopmental outcomes and risk factors of very low birth weight infants below 1,500 g, in the last 10 years
Se Kyu Lee, Ji Hyun Lee, Sang Geel Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1050-1055.   Published online October 15, 2006
Analysis of newborn hearing screening using automated auditory brainstem response
Sung Won Park, Byung Ho Yun, Kyung Ah Kim, Sun Young Ko, Yeon Kyung Lee, Son Moon Shin, Sung Hwa Hong
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1056-1060.   Published online October 15, 2006
Analysis of cow's milk specific IgE positive patients in newborns
Gil Sang Lee, Nam Kyung Baek, Won Duck Kim
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1061-1066.   Published online October 15, 2006
A case of hereditary pancreatitis with a N29I mutation in the cationic trypsinogen gene
Jee Youn Shin, You Jeong Kim, Jeong Kee Seo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1067-1072.   Published online October 15, 2006
Impact of fetal diagnosis of congenital heart disease on parents
Eun Young Choi, Chang Hoon Lee, Myung Ja Yoon, Eun Sook Han, Joon Suk Hong, Yun Sook Jung, Jung Yun Choi
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1073-1078.   Published online October 15, 2006
Factors affecting hematologic recovery and infection in high-dose chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplantation in patients with high-risk solid tumor
Jung Hyun Lee, Bo Lyun Lee, Soo Hyun Lee, Keon Hee Yoo, Ki Woong Sung, Hye Lim Jung, Eun Joo Cho, Hong Hoe Koo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1079-1085.   Published online October 15, 2006
Clinical significance of cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis in pediatric refractory status epilepticus
Jung Mi Kim, Young Mi Kim, Soon Hak Kwon
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1086-1092.   Published online October 15, 2006
Serum homocysteine and tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels after intravenous gammaglobulin treatment in patients with Kawasaki disease
Jung Hwa Cha, Young Mi Hong
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1093-1099.   Published online October 15, 2006
NELL2 gene as regulator of cell cycle in neuron differentiation
Mi Rim Joung, Yeon Mi Oh, Woo Saeng Park, Sang Kyu Park
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1100-1105.   Published online October 15, 2006
Case Reports
Case Reports
A case of post-operative chylous ascites after a splenorenal shunt operation in a child with congenital hepatic fibrosis
Jong Hyung Yoon, Hye Ran Yang, Jae Sung Ko, Jeong Kee Seo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1106-1110.   Published online October 15, 2006
A case of hereditary pancreatitis with a N29I mutation in the cationic trypsinogen gene
Jee Youn Shin, Dae Sung Oh, Jeong Min Rheu, Jeong Ok Shim, Ji Sook Park, Jae Sung Ko, Jeong Kee Seo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1111-1115.   Published online October 15, 2006
A case of pyomyositis due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Yun-Jin Bae, Jin-Sung Choi, Young Ah Lee, Sung-Soo Kim, Seo-Hee Rha, Jin-A Jung
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(10):1116-1119.   Published online October 15, 2006

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