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Original Article
Influence of Prognostic Factors on Survival Rate of Medulloblastoma Patient with Chemotherapy
Kyung Mi Shin, Sung Yeon Choi, Sung Chul Won, Chang Hyun Yang, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Chang Ok Suh, Joong Uhn Choi, Byung Soo Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2003;46(2):178-182.   Published online February 15, 2003
Purpose : Brain tumors are the second most common tumor in childhood, and medulloblastomas comprise 15-25% of brain tumors. The well known prognostic factors are age at diagnosis, stage of disease, and extent of surgical excision. In this study, we analysed the prognostic factors in patients who received chemotherapy after excision. Methods : We reviewed the medical records of 61...
Case Report
A Case of Subcutaneous Panniculitis-like T Cell Lymphoma in Childhood
Yoon Seok Choi, Kyung Mi Shin, Sung Chul Won, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Chang Hyun Yang, Byung Soo Kim, Moon Kyu Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2002;45(8):1028-1032.   Published online August 15, 2002
Subcutaneous pannicultis-like T cell lymphoma is a rare cutaneous T cell lymphoma. It presents with multiple subcutaneous nodules or plaques involving the extremities or trunk, and with constitutional symptoms that include fever, malaise, fatigue, myalgia, chills and weight loss. Histologically, the lesions of this disease are reminiscent of panniculitis and are composed of a mixture of small and large atypical...
A Successful Transplant of HLA-3 Loci Mismatched Umbilical Cord Blood into a Patient with Acute Myeloid Leukemia from an Unrelated Donor
Byoung Chul Kwon, Kyung Mi Shin, Sung Chul Won, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Chang Hyun Yang, Hyun Ok Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2002;45(7):912-916.   Published online July 15, 2002
Cord blood is a useful source of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells for bone marrow reconstitution. The number of umbilical cord blood transplants is increasing worldwide. In this a case 15- month-old boy with acute myeloid leukemia was treated with umbilical cord blood transplant from an HLA-3 loci mismatched unrelated donor. Granulocyte recovery greater than 500/mm3 occurred at day 49, and...
A Case of Wilms Tumor with Thrombi which Invaded the Right Ventricule
Ji Hyun Uhm, Sung Chul Won, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Chang Hyun Yang, Byung Soo Kim, Eui Ho Hwang, Young Hwan Park, Chang Ok Seo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2002;45(3):390-394.   Published online March 15, 2002
College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea Wilms tumor is the second most common malignant retroperitoneal tumor. Inferior vena cava and right atrial involvement is found in about 4-10% and 0.5-3% of cases, respectively. But, right ventricular involvement has not been reported. We experienced a case of Wilms tumor with right ventricular invasion in a 2 year-old male who presented intermittent...
Medical Lecture Course
Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitors(CDKIs) and Genetic Alterations of CDKN2(p16-INK4A/MTS1) Gene in Hematologic Malignancies
Chang Hyun Yang
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(5):593-599.   Published online May 15, 1997
Original Article
Renal size as a Prognostic Factor in Childhood Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Soo Kyung Yun, Chang Hyun Yang, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Seung Hwan Oh, Kir Young Kim, Myung Joon Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1994;37(2):174-179.   Published online February 15, 1994
The Kidney size is of special interest during the diagnostic work up of acute lymphocytic leukemia. But is still uncertain whether a finding of kidney enlargement at presentation has long-term prognostic value. We therefore reviewed the kidney size in children with acute lymphocytic leukemia by abdominal ultrasonograms at the time of diagnosis (n=54) and examined if there was any statistical...
A Clinical Study of Testicular Relapse in Childhood Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Hye Ok Roh, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Seung Hwan Oh, Chang Hyun Yang, Kir Young Kim, Byung Soo Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1993;36(5):680-686.   Published online May 15, 1993
From January 1984 to June 1991, we studied testicular relapsed patients among 105 cases of acute lymphocytic leukemia in children who were admitted to the Department of Pediatrics and Yonse Cancer Center, Yonsei University Severance Hospital. The results were as follows: 1) 15 out of 105(14.4%) cases of acute lymphocytic leukemia were diagnosed as testicular relapse. According to the prevalence by the...
A case of Gaucher's Disease Diagnosed by beta-Glucosidase Enzyme Deficiency.
Hwan Gyn Park, Yil Sub Lee, Chang Hyun Yang, Chang Ho Hong, Sung Kyu Lee, Kyung Soon Song, Hyeon Joo Jeong
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1990;33(4):514-521.   Published online April 30, 1990
We experienced a case of adult type Gaucher’s disease in a 2 year 9 month old female. The patient had hepatosplenomegaly with anemia and characteristic Gaucher cells in bone marrow aspiration and biopsy of liver and spleen. Diagnosis was confirmed by demonstration of β-glucosidase enzyme deficiency in circulating leukocytes. Partial splenectomy was followed by improvement of anemia and thrombocytopenia. A brief review of literature was done.
A Case of Patient with Common Variable Immunodeficiency.
Keun Cheon Kim, Chang Gee Kang, Chang Hyun Yang, Dong Soo Kim, Kir Young Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(8):1123-1127.   Published online August 31, 1989
Common variable immunodeficiency, as defined by World Health Organization classification of primary immunodeficiency, is a heterogenous group of disorders with hypogammaglobulinemia, decreased ability to produced antibody following antigenic challenge, and increased incidence of infections. The disorder was often familial, but no mode of inheritance has been discerned. Clinical fingings are recurrent bacterial infections, particularly respiratory infection. Laboratory evaluations in common variable immunodeficiency demonstrate decrease in...
Truncus Arteriosus Associated with Interrupted Aortic Arch.
Chang Hyun Yang, Jae Seung Yang, Jun Hee Sul, Dong Soo Kim, Sung Kyu Lee, Dong Shik Chin
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1988;31(6):779-783.   Published online June 30, 1988
We experienced a case of truncus arteriousus associated with interrupted aortic arch, ventricular septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus. A 5 month old boy had complained of rapid respiration and feeding difficulty since birth. There was no visible cyanosis or clubbing toes and nails. There was a grade 2 〜3 ejection systolic murmur with maximum intensity at the left lower sternal border. Diagnosis was...
A Case of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Childhood.
Dong Kun Hyun, Jung Bae Lee, Chang Hyun Yang, Kir Young Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1988;31(4):511-518.   Published online April 30, 1988
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura is clinically characterized by microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, fever, renal disorder and transient bizarre neurological symptoms. Its essential histological lesion consists of numerous complete or, more often, incomplete occlusions of the arterioles and capillaries by hyaline material. We have experienced a case of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in infancy. The patient was a one year and 4 month-old who complains petechiae on the...
A Clinical Study and Comprehensive Total Care in Hemophilia.
Shin Heh Kang, Chang Hyun Yang, Kir Young Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1988;31(2):202-211.   Published online February 28, 1988
Hemophilia is one of the hereditary coagulation disorders characterized by deficiency in plasma clotting facotrs such as factor VIII and IX. As life long bleeding occurs in hemophiliacs, continous comprehensive total care is required for the patients. After the self therapy, home care program was introduced in the 1970s’ in the United States, there was significant reduction in absentism, hospitalized days, outpatient visits, decrease...
A Clinical Studies in Patients with Turner's Syndrome.
Chang Hyun Yang, Duk Hi Kim, Kir Young KIm, Young Ho Yang
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1987;30(10):1143-1151.   Published online October 31, 1987
This study is systematical cytogenetic and clinico-hormonal analysis of 42 cases who were diagnosed as Turner’s syndrome at the Yonsei Medical Center from Jan. 1971 to Dec. 1985. The careful history taking, physical examination, cytogenetic studies, radiologic and hormonal evalua- tion, and GnRH stimulation test were performed. The results were as follows. 1) The patients ranged in age from 14 months to 30 years at the...
Clinical Studies on Enteropathogenic E.Coli Enteritis in a Newborn Nursery.
Chang Hyun Yang, Ran Nam Gung, Chul Lee, Dong Gwan Han
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1986;29(11):1187-1195.   Published online November 30, 1986
We experienced 20 cases of infantile diarrhea caused by Enteropathogenic E. Coli during 2 months from May. 1985 to Jun. 1985 at Yonsei medical center, Newborn nursery. The onset of illness is ususally slow vague signs of reluctance to feed lethargy, spitting up of formula, mild abdominal distention and diarrhea. The outbreak abated abruptly after institution of strict aseptic technique,...
Case Report
Abdominal Pain, Suspicious Peptic Ulcer and Psychologic Problem.
Kwang Sin Joh, Chang Hyun Yang, Yong Back Kwon, Ki Sup Chung, Duk Jin Yun, Kyung Hee Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1986;29(4):426-430.   Published online April 30, 1986
Recurrent Abdominal Pain is a frequent disease entity in school children. It is characterized by at least three attacks of pain, sever enough to affect routine activity and occuring over a period of time longer than 3 months. The cause of the pain is almost psychophysiologic origin (over 95% of all children with recurrent abdominal pain). The frequency of this...
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