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A Case of Laurence-Moon-Biedl Syndrome Including Diabetic Mellitus.
Byoung Hoon Lee, Byung Rai Cho, Myoung Ik Lee, Keun Chan Sohn, Hyung Joon Yoo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(6):857-861.   Published online June 30, 1989
Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome has a varialbe phenotype and includes obesity, mental deficiency, retinitis pigmentosa, polydactyly and hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. This report concerns a rare case of a 13-year-old girl having diabetic mellitus with Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome. The relevant literature was reviewed.
Radiologic Evaluation About Urinary Tract Infection In Children.
Soon Wha Kim, Byung Rai Cho, Don Hee Ahn, Keun Chan Sohn, Chong Hyun Yoon
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(6):797-803.   Published online June 30, 1989
There had been total 165 cases of urinary tract infection who had been admitted to the ward of pediatrics, National Medical Center from ]an. 1986 to Sept. 1987. Among these, 80 cases had indication of radiologic evaluation; they were the first-documented urinary tract infection in male patients, the first documented urinary tract infection in female patients younger than 6 years of age,...
Changes of Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Bacteria Isolated from Clinical Specimens During Recent Four Years.
Byung Rai Cho, Young Jin Hong, Don Hee Ahn, Keun Chan Sohn
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(2):165-179.   Published online February 28, 1989
From Jan,M 1983 to Dec., 1986, we studied total 2386 microorganisms which were isolated from various clinical specimens of admitted patients and out-patients in the department of pediatrics, NMC, and their antimicrobial susceptibilities were compared. The results were as follows; 1) The most frequently isolated stains from various specimens were S. aureus from throat, E. coli from urine, Shigella from stool, S. aureus from blood,...
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