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Case Report
Four Case of Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Sepsis/Meningitis
Jae Geon Sim, Soon Wha Kim, Young Jin Hong, Don Hee Ahn, Keun Chan Sohn
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1992;35(2):275-281.   Published online February 15, 1992
Authors have experienced four cases of neonatal sepsis and meningitis whose organisms were group B streptococci which are thought to be rare causative agent for neonatal sepsis in Korea. Two of four cases were early onset type. Three of them were recovered with antibiotic therapy. One of three alives was found to have mild neurologic sequelae when we examined him...
A Case of Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Meningitis.
Hyuun Kil Yoon, Phil Joun Song, Kyu Chul Choi, Chung Hye Chu, Byoung Soo Cho, Sa Jun Chung
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1984;27(10):1011-1017.   Published online October 31, 1984
Since 1970, the group B streptococcus has become significant cause of neonatal septicemia and meningitis. Two clinically and epidemiologically distinct types of illness have been described among neonate and infants, that is early and late onset type. We have recently experienced a case of late onset group B streptococcal infection, presented as meningitis and confirmed by Slidex Strepto-Kit. We believe...
Original Article
Culture Study in Neonatal infection.
Ja Ye Kim, Seung Joo Lee, Keun Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1984;27(5):433-438.   Published online May 31, 1984
Bacterial infection is a frequent and important cause of morbidity and mortality in the neonatal period. Knowing the changing pattern of neonatal bacterial infections is important and recently the group B streptococcus has been vieing with Coliforms for preeminence. This study was undertaken to observe the pattern of bacteria in the neonatal infections and for detection of group B streptococcus....
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