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Original Article
Abnormalities of Hypothalamic-Pituitary MR Imaging and Pituitary Function in Patients with Growth Hormone Deficiency
Hun-Gy Kim, Han-Wook Yoo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1998;41(6):791-798.   Published online June 15, 1998
Purpose : In this study, efforts have been made to evaluate the sella MRI in 14 patients with growth hormone deficiency to define more clearly the structural abnormalities of the hypothalamohypophyseal axis, examine frequency of these abnormalities, and determine whether a relationship exists between the sella MRI findings and types of endocrine dysfunction. Methods : Sella MRI was performed in 14 patients who were...
Molecular Genetic Screening for the SRY(Sex Determining Region of the Y chromosme) Gene in Turner Syndrome Patients
Jung-Yeon Shim, Han-Wook Yoo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1996;39(7):915-923.   Published online July 15, 1996
Purpose : Turner syndrome is among the most common cytogenetic abnormalities associated with X chromosome. In only 40-60% of Turner syndrome, 45,X monosomy is found and the high prenatal mortality of non-mosaic 45,X has led to the hypothesis that liveborn 45,X individuals may be cryptic mosaics. The presence of Y chromosome is significant because it predisposes affected individuals with Turner syndrome to gonadoblastoma formation....
Medical Lecture Course
Molecular Biological Approaches in Clinical Medicine
Han-Wook Yoo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1996;39(1):1-11.   Published online January 15, 1996
Original Article
The Changes of Thyroid Function Tests and TSH Receptor Antibody Levels During Antithyroid Drug Therapy of Graves Disease in Children
Jeong-Ho Kim, Eun-Young Cho, Han-Wook Yoo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1995;38(10):1404-1410.   Published online October 15, 1995
The mainstay of treatment in children with Graves' disease is antithyroid drug therapy. Most commonly used drugs are methimazole(MMI) and propylthiuracil(PTU). These drugs inhibit thyroid hormone synthesis through mechanisms that interfere with the action of thyroid peroxidase. Since antithyroid drugs are unable to inhigit the secretion of thyroid hormone which is already produced, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for...
Etiological Classification of Mentally Retarded Children Enrolled in a Special Educational Institution
Seon-Kyeong Yoo, Han-Wook Yoo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1994;37(10):1437-1448.   Published online October 15, 1994
Mental retardation(MR) is classically deficits in adaptive behavior and manifest during the developmental period. The causes of mental retardation were not understood in many cases. This study was undertaken to identify the etiologies of mentally retarded children enrolled in a special educational institution under the hypothesis that clarifying causes of MR can not only provide basic epidemiological data on MR in...
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