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Original Article
Circumcision, Neonates, Pain sensation
In Rok Do, Jeong Ho Lee, Yong Sub Kim, Jong Dae Jo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1995;38(10):1324-1328.   Published online October 15, 1995
Purpose : Routine neonatal circumcision has widely performed without anesthesia under the assumption that the penis of neonates does not yet have functioning pain sensory nerve endings at this early stage of development, and has decreased the incidence of neonatal urinary tract infection. This study was performed to evaluate whether neonates recognize pain during opertion of circumcision without anesthasia. Methods :...
Case Report
Three Cases of Rotor Syndrome in Monozygotic Twin Brothers and Their Sister
Jin Hwa Jung, Jeong Ho Lee, Yong Sub Kim, Jong Dae Jo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1995;38(9):1270-1275.   Published online September 15, 1995
We recently experienced three cases of Rotor syndrome in monozygotic twin brothers and their elder sister. The only clinical manifestation was persisting mild jaundice for several years. In all three cases serum bilirubin, mainly of direct reacting was increased with normal liver function and normal hepatic histology without pigmentation by needle liver biopsy. Indocyanine green test showed marked serum retention after...
The May-Hegglin Anomaly in a Family
Jin Ho Lee, Su Yeon Park, Yong Sub Kim, Jong Dai Jo, Byung Chang Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1994;37(10):1449-1452.   Published online October 15, 1994
The May-Hegglin anomaly is a rare autosomal dominant trait characterized by platelet abnormalities in the peripheral blood and large(up to 5μ) pale blue staining inclusionsl in the cytoplasm of neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, and We experienced a case of May-Hegglin anomaly in a 7 year old male and another case out of his family. His initial complaints at the admission were...
Original Article
a case of type II lissencephaly; Walker-Earburg syndrome.
Ae Yong Kim, Jung Ho Lee, Yong Sub Kim, Kyeng Sook Cho, Jong Dai Jo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1991;34(11):1598-1604.   Published online November 30, 1991
Lissencephaly is a rare abnormality of brain development characterized by incomplete neuronal migration and a smooth cerebral surface. Three types of lissencephaly are recognized. Type I is characterized by microcephaly and dysmorphic facies. Type II usually lacks characteristic facies but exhibits macrocephaly from hydrocephalus, eye anomaly, and/or congenital muscular dystrophies. Type III is characterized by microcephaly without any characteristic dysmorphic facial features. We have experienced...
Case Report
A Case of Spondylothoracic Dysplasia.
Jong Sic Joo, Bong Joon Chung, Yong Sub Kim, Kyung Hye Park, Chan Yung Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1985;28(12):1221-1224.   Published online December 31, 1985
The author experienced a case of spondylothoracic dysplasia from 4 month old female-patient who had congenital anomalies on vertebrae & thorax. She was born with normal weight and full term, but she looked bizarre because of shortened trunk & neck, marked protuberant abdomen, prominent lumbar lordosis. On admission, she had growth retardation for having upper respiratory tract infection and feeding...
Original Article
A Study on Echocardiographic Findings of Rheumatic Carditis.
Yong Sub Kim, Chan Yung Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1985;28(4):345-342.   Published online April 30, 1985
A clinical study was done about echocardiographic findings of 31 cases of rheumatic carditis among 56 cases of rheumatic fever admitted to Pediatric Department of Busan National University Hospital from July, 1982 for 2 years. The following results were obtained: 1)The incidence of rheumatic carditis was 55.4% among rheumatic fever and the peak age was 12~13 years old and the...
Clinical Study of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.
Sang Ki Min, Shin Chul Jun, Yong Sub Kim, Yang Sook Choi, Chan Yung Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1984;27(5):439-446.   Published online May 31, 1984
A clinical study was done in 21 cases of congenital diaphragmatic hernia admitted to Busan National University Hospital from Jan. 1973 to Dec. 1982. The following results were obtained: 1)Onset of symptoms were within 24 hours in 8 cases(38.1%) and in 3 cases symptoms were occurred after 6 months. About half of the patients were admitted within 1 week, male...
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