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Mi Soo Ahn  (Ahn MS) 6 Articles
Case Report
A Case of Cutaneous Polyarteritis Nodosa
Hyun Chul Chae, Kyung Hee Choi, Mi Soo Ahn, Ji Sub Oh
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1995;38(10):1422-1428.   Published online October 15, 1995
Polyarteritis nodosa(PAN), one of the necrotizing vasculitis involving predominantly small and medium sized arteries, is rare disease. PAN may affect many organs such as kidney, heart, liver, gastrointestinal tract, muscles and skin. Cutaneous PAN, a distinct clinical entity, is chronic and benign vascular disease in which cutaneous lesions are predominant with no visceral involvement. We experienced a case of cutaneous PAN in...
Original Article
Clinical Studies on Risk Facotrs of Recurrnces after first Febrile Convulsions in Infancies and Early Childhood
Hee Kyung Chun, Hyun Ki Joo, Mi Soo Ahn, Ji Sub Oh
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1994;37(6):786-793.   Published online June 15, 1994
The aim of this study was to evaluate the risk factors of recurrences after their first febrile convulsions in infants and young children. Dlinical studies were made on 187 cases of febrile convulsions who were admitted to the department of pediatrics of Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital from March, 1990 to December, 1992 1) 63 cases of 187 cases had recurrences after their...
Case Report
A Case of Pseudohypoaldosteronism
Yong Soon Kwon, Hyo Gyoung Shin, Mi Soo Ahn, Hong Bae Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1992;35(7):984-988.   Published online July 15, 1992
Pseudohypoaldosteronism(PHA) is rare salt losing disease which is characterized by mineralcorticoid unresponsiveness of the end organ. Severe hyponatremia and hyperkalemia are present despite high plasma aldosterone. We experienced a case of PHA in a 40-days old male infant who was presented with anorexia, vomiting and lethargy for several days. Labortory data showed hyponatremia, hyperkalemia and metabolic acidosis. Renal function was normal...
Original Article
A case of Hunter syndrome.
Suk Hyun Ha, Young Sun Ko, Mi Soo Ahn, Ji Sub Oh
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1991;34(3):398-403.   Published online March 31, 1991
Authors experienced a case of Hunter syndrome in 4 old male patient, whose diagnosis was established by typical findings in physical examination, family history, screening test using methylene blue for mucopolysaccaharides, and radiologic studies. We report this case with a brief review of literatures.
Clinical Studies of Urinary Tract Infection in Infant and Children.
Kee Sung Yang, Mi Soo Ahn, Hong Bae Kim, Ji Sub Oh
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(4):533-541.   Published online April 30, 1989
Clinical studies on the 82 patients of sympomatic urinary tract infection who were admitted to pediatric department of Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital from August 1984 to July 1987 were subjected in this study. The result were as follows. 1) The incidence was 0.79% of total pediatric inpatients during the same period. 2) Age incidence disclosed under 1 year in 49 patients(59.7%) and under 6 year...
A Study on the Thyroin Function Test in Patients with Nonthyroidal Illness.
Mi Soo Ahn, Chan Young Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1989;32(3):381-389.   Published online March 31, 1989
To evaluate the influence of nonthyroidal illnesses on the thyroid function in children, serum T₃ , T₄, rT₃ and TSH were measured using radioimmunoassay in 32 clinically euthyroid children with nonthyroidal illness who were admitted to Department of Pediatrics, Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital from October, 1987 to April, 1988 Control group was 22 children in absence of thyroid diseases and systemic illnesses. The results of...
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